Pro Finlandia exhibition open until 31 August

“Pro Finlandia. Finland’s road to independence” exhibition at the National Archives of Finland demonstrates Finland’s relations with Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The exhibition is an installation in a series of four that shows how Finland, the Finns and Finland’s aspirations were perceived in other European countries in the decades preceding our independence, as well as during its first years.

The exhibition at the National Archives of Finland (Rauhankatu 17, Helsinki) consists of original documents, publications, photographs, paintings and artefacts from the period. Central themes of the exhibition are the annexation of Finland by Russia in 1809, Finland’s position in the empire, the opportunities offered to Finns by the grand duchy’s position, artist connections, and the events that led to the collapse of the Russian empire.

The exhibition is open on Tue–Fri at 10 am – 4 pm until 31 August 2018. The exhibition will be closed on Friday 22 June. Free admission. Please note that the building is not fully accessible.

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