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Community as Opportunity project sought new opportunities

The National Archives participated in Community as Opportunity (CO:OP) project comprising 17 European archives and universities. The project was implemented during 2015–2018.

Support for digitising private materials

The project has two key areas. The first goal is to promote the digitisation, sharing and long-term storage of archive materials possessed by private individuals.

To this purpose, the National Archives have acquired mobile digitisation stations, which interested parties can borrow.  The digital files will be saved on a Topotheque platform established by project and, when needed, on a storage device of the participating party. In Topotheque, the files are saved in a map base on which everyone interested can see the objects located in any given area. All objects placed in Topotheques get a Creative Commons license, in other words, the materials will be freely available for use for all just as long the users mention the source in the manner desired by the material donor.

At the moment, the followin Topotheques are available: Hailuoto, Helsinki's Östersundom, Kaarina's Piikkiö, Lieto, Mikkeli, Mäntsälä, Saamenmaa, Sastamala, Sastamala's Suodenniemi, Säkylä, Taivassalo and Veteraanimoottoripyöräklubi VMPK. The materials have mainly been digitised from private archives, but also some photos and documents from museums are included.

If succesful, the project provides a solution for the digitisation and presentation of private materials with high quality digitisation tools, clear licensing, public access and long term storage by transferring the materials into the Europeana portal.

New archive experiences for more people

The other key part of the project is to study young people’s archive experiences and to learn from them.  For this purpose, a group of high school students from Järvenpää visited the National archives in order to study materials on private individuals from their local area that had died during the Second World War. At the same time, the group was given basic information about archive range and the use of materials.


More information about the project:

Community as Opportunity project homepage

Contact person at the National Archives: Tomi Ahoranta, Development Manager, tel. +358 29 533 7004,