The Sámi Archives – Expert on collections related to the Sámi

The Sámi Archives, which form part of the National Archives, serves multidisciplinary national and international research on the Sami way of life by providing high-quality researcher services. The Archives is actively seeking partners to collaborate in research and development projects using archive materials related to the Sámi. 

The Sámi collection comprises personal and family documents that shed light on Sámi society, culture, languages and history as well as the archives of associations, organisations and other sources. The Archives continuously acquires new material and promotes the availability of the collections in its possession.

The Sámi Archives builds networks with international and local historical and heritage societies and research institutes. The Archives cooperates with national, Nordic and international researcher networks in the acquisition of archival material and research planning, implementation and publication of results. The Sámi Archives participates in the development of infrastructures related to research themes in their field of expertise.

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