Reprographic services and copies are available for a fee

You may purchase copies for a fee of material stored at the National Archives. The price is determined according to the Decree set out by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The method chosen for producing paper copies depends on the original document format. Unbound documents and library material may be photocopied, bound documents and maps may be digitized and printed on paper, and paper printouts can be made of microfilms. You may also order a copy as a file on a CD-ROM.

Reprographic orders for large (print size A2 or larger) maps and photographs may be assigned to a third party. In that case the customer will pay for transportation in addition to the copy prices.

Customers may use the reader printers in the reading room facilities for taking copies of microfilm and microfiche.

You may order copies and facsimiles via the Astia online service, or by e-mail, phone or mail if the person placing the order has sufficient verification data. E-mail orders are to be submitted to kirjaamo[@] Orders placed via the Astia online service are stored automatically. The address for placing orders by mail is Registrar of the National Archives, P.O. Box 258, 00171 HELSINKI, Finland.

Using your camera

Customers may take photographs of documents on their own, with some limitations, provided that the photographing and preparing of documents for photographing does not damage the documents. Use of flash is forbidden. Customer use of cameras should not disturb other readers.

Exceptions include registers (or parts of registers) of personal information younger than 100 years: they may not be photographed. For private archives, the limitations (if any) set out in the handover agreement shall be observed.

Using a camera does not require specific permission, but you should always notify the reading room staff that you are going to take photographs of documents. Upon the notification the staff will check whether you are allowed to photograph them.